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Eid-Al-Fitr, also known as

is an important religious holiday celebrated by Moslems worldwide that brings the month-long Ramadan fasts to an end.

The celebrations commence with great enjoyment after the first sighting of the new moon and are known to last for about two-three days.

While traditions may vary, food is central to almost every celebration in the form of grand family feasts.

Eid is celebrated as a holiday of sweets and is popularly known as 'Seker Bayrami'. Children visit relatives and neighbors to greet them and are gifted with sweets like Baklava and Turkish delight as a blessing.

Dates are given utmost significance and a dish called Klaicha must be prepared by every household. Klaicha is a rose-scented cookie filled with dates and nuts.

People feast on desserts made with semolina like semolina pudding or cakes. The Burmese biryani, loaded with meat, spices and dry fruits, is also a favorite.

The celebrations last for four days and unlike other countries, fish recipes form the centerpiece of the feast along with other delicacies like Fata (a classic Egyptian dish made with meat, rice, onions and vinegar) and Kahk (cookies filled with nuts and wrapped in powdered sugar).

Beef rendang (spicy meat curry), ketupat (dumplings), dodol (toffee-like confection) and lemang (a glutinous rice cake cooked in bamboo) are some of the dishes that adorn the menu.

In welcoming the approaching Eid-Al-Fitr 1437 H, we are proud to introduce you with our unique festive cookies.

With uncompromising product development we aim to capture the heart of classic recipe and live up Indonesian renowned tradition of “kue kering lebaran.”

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'Eid' is an Arabic

word for festivity

and 'fitr' means

breaking the fast.